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Soup's On!

soup recipes, etc.

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soup recipes, etc.
Love making and eating soup? You're in the right place! Here you can:

-Post your favorite soup recipes
-Ask for a recipe for a particular type of soup
-Discuss and recommend soup-making tips/utensils/cookware
-Post pictures of your favorite soups (see below)
-And basically anything else soup-related!

When posting:

-Title your post/Use the subject line
-Use the existing tags for ingredients and the like, to help people search more easily (if you need another tag, let me know)
-Use proper spelling/grammar (most importantly, no netspeak)
-Use an LJ cut for extremely long posts and/or all photos

Here you can not:

-Bash anyone else, for any reason
-Post pictures outside of an LJ-cut
-Advertise any other LJ communities without first clearing it with the mod (I will say yes to anything related; you just need to ask first)

Please note: Any kind of soup is welcome here, from veg*n to soups containing animal products and anything in between.